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The foundation repair at our home was a massive project. We couldn't have asked for a better crew than the one from South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair. They worked quickly, made sure we were comfortable, and the price was reasonable. You need to call them when you have foundation problems!
Our customers always get 110% satisfaction!

High-Quality Foundation Repairs in South Bend

Professional Services

Offering superior foundation repair services that kick cracks and leaks to the curb
High-quality basement repair and waterproofing services keep your space dry
Is your crawl space giving you trouble? We have effective solutions that work!

Service You Can Count On

When your foundation seems a bit topsy turvy, you can look to us for house leveling
Did you know that we offer both residential and commercial foundation repair methods?
Controlling your irrigation issues with French drain and sump pump installation

We're YOUR Company!

Our company is fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind
We take pride in offering our customers the most competitive prices in RI
Do you have a foundation-related emergency that needs our attention NOW? Call any time!

South Bend's Brightest Foundation Repair Company - We're Committed to A-1 Service

Your satisfaction is king here at South Bend Basement and Foundation Repair. We give our customers the services they need when they need them most. If you're experiencing a foundation-type emergency, we're the crew to call. Our trucks are ready to move day or night. Why? Because we want YOU to be safe and sound atop a sturdy foundation.

Our foundation repair company has been part of the foundation repair industry since 1997. That's over two decades of experience. We take the time to educate our employees on the latest and greatest foundation and basement repair techniques to ensure our clients' are always getting the most modern service.

Take advantage of our affordable foundation and basement repair services by calling our team today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We'll give you an estimate and get ready to apply professional restorative services to your residential or commercial property.

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Foundation Repair South Bend - It's Our Business

When it comes to expert foundation and basement repair services, you can count on our foundation repair contractors to tackle your biggest problems. We have the tools and equipment necessary to ensure your foundation is functioning at 100%.

Foundation Repair

Cracks and leaks don't stand a chance against our repair team! We're able to study foundation racks and determine if they are a problem or not. If they are, we'll use industry-leading methods to correct the issue before it worsens.

Crawl Space Care

Crawl spaces can sometimes be infiltrated by water, vermin, and mold. When these things happen, professional intervention is required. We offer a variety of waterproofing treatments to keep your crawl space protected. 


We offer effective waterproofing solutions that keep the integrity of your foundation intact. Sump pump and French drain installation are excellent ways to keep excess water from flooding your basement and crawl space.

Basement Repair

Are you struggling with bowing basement walls, standing water, or cracks in your interior and exterior foundation? Our company can help with professional basement repair services. We'll inspect the area FREE of charge!

Residential Services

Residential foundation problems require professional intervention on the double! We offer concrete foundation repair, crack & leak repair, waterproofing, and slab jacking*, and more. A stable foundation is a safe foundation.

Commercial Services

Just like your home's foundation, commercial foundations need to be stable and sturdy too. Our team of foundation repair specialists has the experience needed to address any problems your business' foundation may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about foundation repair in South Bend, you've come to the right place! Below, we've compiled the most commonly asked questions for you to review. Still need answers? Visit our informative blog or call us direct.

How much does foundation repair cost?

The average cost of foundation repair for homeowners can vary. Keep in mind that prices are subjective depending on the severity of the damages being fixed.

Is foundation repair covered by homeowner's insurance?

In most cases, yes. Your foundation is definitely an integral part of your home, which falls under the care of a homeowner's insurance policy. The only loophole is whether or not your policy covers how the damage happened. 

Can you live in your home while foundation repairs are ongoing?

Providing that your floors aren't sinking in, yes, you can absolutely live in your home during foundation repairs. Your contractor will be able to more accurately answer this question after assessing the severity of the damages.

Our Professional South Bend Residential Foundation Repair Services

South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair company offers a plethora of services for residential and commercial customers. When it comes to keeping your foundation crack-free and stable, the sky is the limit! Learn more about our affordable foundation repair services below.

It All Begins With a Thorough Foundation Inspection

It's very hard to pinpoint the root cause of the damage without conducting a professional foundation inspection. Our team of structural engineers will investigate every crack, chip, and splinter in your concrete slab foundation. We're also experts at making sure pier & beam foundations are safe and functional.

Once we inspect the area, we'll be able to address the how and why of your foundation damages. You see, simply fixing the problems visible to the naked eye produces temporary results. We want to know why those cracks appeared or the reason behind your shifting slabs. Call us now for a FREE inspection and get your foundation repair in South Bend scheduled.
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Need Foundation Crack Repair in South Bend? We Got it Covered!

As we explained above, the only way to know how cracks appeared in your foundation is through a meticulous inspection. Once we uncover the root cause, our team will repair the problem at its source and then move on to the cracks.

We have a number of methods that we use to take care of foundation crack repair in South Bend, the most common being polyurethane injection. This incredible foam is injected into the afflicted areas and expands to seal off the fissures totally. By doing this, we are also stopping any leaks.

You might think you can easily do this yourself, but please understand that it takes a trained eye to know whether a crack poses a threat to your foundation or not. Our contractors have the experience necessary to make this professional assessment. Reach out to our team today if you notice any level of cracking in your foundation.

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Heavy-Duty House Leveling for Your Home

House leveling, otherwise known as "slab jacking," is a complex procedure that requires some serious machinery. Luckily for our customers, we own and know how to operate the equipment that it takes to get your house sitting on solid ground once again. How do you know if you need house leveling in South Bend?

*Buckling walls & sloping floors
*Cracks in your foundation
*Windows & doors not functioning properly
*Cracks and leaks in basement walls & floors

If you place a ball on your kitchen floor and it rolls to the other side of the room, you might need your foundation evaluated for house leveling . Our foundation conttractors have what it takes to get this big job done in no time!
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Outstanding South Bend Basement Foundation Repair

If we could give our customers a tip of the day, it would be that their basement should never resemble a pond. If you have a wet basement after every rainfall, you probably have some cracks in your foundation that should not be there.

Most of the time, basement foundation cracks form due to excessive pressure from underground water. The water burst through the cracks and causes flooding in your basement. We will fix your basement's cracks and put in preventative waterproofing measures so the problem never occurs again.

We offer French drain installation and sump pump installation, depending on your individual needs. If you notice cracks in your basement floors and or bowing basement walls, please, call or email our team today for a zero-cost basement foundation repair inspection. We can solve any foundation problem!

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The Finest Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Team

It's true, most concrete, whether it be a foundation or sidewalk, tends to crack over time. Not all cracks are cause for alarm, but it takes an expert structural engineer to make that determination. We look for presenting characteristics of the crack, such as how wide it is and whether it is on the corner of your foundation or not.

Once we have gathered all of the facts, we can then put a treatment plan in place. We use polyurethane injection to do most slab foundation repair  in South Bend, helical piers, and underpinning. We're fully licensed and certified to repair residential and commercial concrete slab foundations.

*Slab jacking foundation services available, weather permitting.
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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Specialists

Pier & beam foundation repair in South Bend requires special tools and equipment due to their unique structural characteristics. Our contractors look for things like compromised joists and rotting wood when inspecting this type of foundation. Having a high-functioning pier & beam foundation means:

  • Increased foundational stability
  • Easy access to utilities and the crawl space
  • Less likely to have problems with flooding

It's important that your pier & beam foundation is stable to avoid other structural problems. If you suspect that you have a foundation problem, give us a call, and we'll inspect the area to put your mind at ease. Our inspections are 100% FREE, and so are our estimates.

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Get in Touch for Foundation Repair - South Bend & Nearby Areas

We're a company that wholeheartedly believes everyone is deserving of affordable, high-quality foundation repair service. That's why we've recently expanded our South Bend service areas. Are we in YOUR neck of the woods searching for foundation contractors near me? If so, call or email us today to get on our schedule for a FREE estimate.

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Firm Foundations & Dry Basements are Life.

Yes, we enjoy going out to see a movie here and there, too. However, when it comes to foundation integrity, we're the hardest workers in the business! Call us at (574) 777-0207
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