October 16, 2023
Your Guide: How to Build a House Foundation on a Slope

Building a house on a sloped lot presents some unique challenges when it comes to the foundation. Slopes can make it more difficult to achieve a level foundation and may require additional engineering and materials. However, with proper planning and preparation, it is completely possible to build a stable, secure foundation on a slope. So, […]

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September 5, 2023
What Causes Vertical Cracks in Walls - Repair Options and When to Worry

Homeowners often wonder what causes vertical cracks in walls and when it’s time to worry. Wall cracks sometimes indicate foundation damage that needs immediate attention. However, this isn’t always the case! What causes vertical cracks in walls: Settlement Extreme temperature changes Water damage Structural issues Poor construction Knowing more about what causes vertical cracks in […]

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August 31, 2023
How Long Does Exterior Waterproofing Last? - Longevity Guide

Homeowners often wonder, how long does exterior waterproofing last? One reason for the question is that waterproofing can run into the thousands of dollars. Two, it’s good to know when you might need to repeat this installation. This allows you to budget and prepare accordingly. How long does exterior waterproofing last? While this depends on […]

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August 18, 2023
Foundation Assessment vs. Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection

When purchasing a home, thoroughly evaluating the property's foundation should be a top priority. Issues like cracking, settling, moisture damage, or improper structural support can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Home buyers often rely on a basic foundation assessment by a home inspector. While evaluations are useful, major defects may require the expertise […]

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August 14, 2023
How To Clean a Crawl Space Out 101

If you have a crawl space under your home, it's important to keep it clean and dry. A dirty, damp crawl space can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and even structural damage over time.  So, the big question is how to clean crawl space? In short, Remove all debris, sweep up dust and cobwebs, […]

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July 26, 2023
Why Does My Basement Leak When It Rains? 6 Causes

We've all been there - you're sitting in your basement during a rainstorm and notice water starting to pool on the floor. A basement leak can turn into a huge headache if not addressed quickly. What is the source of basement leaks when it rains? Truthfully, they can be a number of things. However, the […]

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July 11, 2023
6 Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry Without a Dehumidifier

Sometimes, the basement can become wet, damp, and even moldy if it's not cared for properly.  Most of us might think of using a dehumidifier to solve the problem, but there are actually a number of different ways to keep your basement dry without using one. Solutions include better ventilation, exterior waterproofing, using desiccants, installing […]

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June 28, 2023
Do I Need Waterproofing in the Midwest?

Have you ever experienced flooding, excess moisture, or mold growth in your midwestern home? While waterproofing is essential in keeping your home or commercial property safe, many people are unaware of its importance and benefits in the long run. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of waterproofing and why it's crucial to […]

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March 29, 2023
Foundation Experts: Can You Level Your House Yourself?

House leveling is not always as complicated or expensive as homeowners might assume. It’s also an excellent choice for homes that have settled due to foundation damage. Leveling not only returns a home to its proper position but it also closes cracks and gaps and provides added support. In most cases, house leveling isn’t a […]

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January 5, 2023
5 Common Methods for Foundation Crack Repair in Indiana

If it’s time for foundation crack repair in Indiana, don’t make that call! The longer you ignore cracks, chips, rusted rebar, and other damage, the worse. Additionally, your property might soon suffer secondary issues, including wall cracks, framing wood rot, mold, and more. Knowing more about standard foundation repair methods can make it easier to […]

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