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If you're the proud owner of a pier & beam foundation, you have a crawl space beneath your home. Sometimes, this area can become compromised due to foundational cracks and leaks. After repairing the cracks and leaks, waterproofing methods can be applied. We offer affordable crawl space encapsulation South Bend. Our company has been in the foundation repair and crawl space waterproofing scene since 1997.

We use superior equipment and methods to ensure the area beneath your home is dry and secure. You'll never find our structural engineers cutting corners or recommending services you don't need. In fact, before we get started on your crawlspace encapsulation, we'll inspect the area for FREE to determine the core cause of the problems. You'll then be given repair recommendations and a complimentary quote with no strings attached.

Encapsulation and water vapor barrier installation are both incredible ways to secure the crawl space, but they do have their differences. During your no-cost consultation, we'll go over the pros and cons of each. Are you ready to get started with South Bend Foundation Repair? Great! Please call or email or team to schedule an appointment.

crawl space encapsulation south bend
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Is Crawlspace Encapsulation Right for Me?

A professionally installed encapsulation system for a crawl space in South Bend, Indiana, has many positive benefits. It works much like a vapor barrier system, but encapsulation entirely seals off the area rendering it unusable. For many homeowners, that isn't a problem. Here are some incredible benefits of encapsulation services:

  • Stops Flooding - The most significant issue we see with crawl spaces is flooding and moisture problems. Sometimes, the vapor barrier method works great, and the area can continue to be used. However, other times the problem is too significant, and a more permanent solution like encapsulation is warranted.
  • Goodbye Pest Infestations - Insects, snakes, and small furry vermin love to infest the crawl space area. By encapsulating the space, the risk of any pest infestation is decreased to almost zero.
  • Lowers Energy Costs - Covering the crawl space with the heavy-duty tarping of encapsulation keeps your home's indoor climate balanced, thus reducing utility bills.
  • No More Musty Odors - Excessive moisture in the crawl space leads to mildew and mold growth. Those substances create offensive odors that travel throughout the entire house. Plus, they can be harmful to one's health. Encapsulation stops moisture from causing those issues.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality - When your crawl space is encapsulated, you can expect colds, allergies, and other respiratory symptoms to improve due to better quality indoor air.

There are numerous reasons to opt for crawl space encapsulation, and our contractors will be sure to go over them all with you. In the meantime, learn more about the process by visiting the company blog. It's filled with helpful information about foundation repair.

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Don't Delay Crawl Space Repair in South Bend!

If you notice foul odors creeping into your home through the vents, excessive moisture levels, and a sneaking suspicion that there are critters living under your house, you probably have a problem and need crawl space repair. By installing an encapsulation system, you can rid yourself of this nightmare quickly before it gets out of control.

During installation, we'll often add an encapsulation crawl space dehumidifier in South Bend as part of the protocol. The dehumidifier is another layer of protection that ensures the space stays dry and free of moisture particles that can lead to mold problems.

You'll find that having the area encapsulated solves a lot of issues. Of course, you won't be able to use the space for storage anymore, but the trade-off is you're protecting your foundation and home from severe structural damage. In extreme cases, sump pumps can be utilized or other waterproofing systems.

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South Bend's #1 Crawl Space Sealing Specialist!

At South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair, we care deeply about the inner workings of your home and commercial property. So encapsulation might be the answer when the crawl space is giving you more trouble than it's worth, especially if you've tried everything else.

The repair costs associated with encapsulation end up paying for themselves over time because of all the money you'll save repairing structural damages like sagging floors, wood rot, termite infestations, and mold remediation. In addition, our company offers the most competitive rates in the local area, including free crawl space inspections and repair estimates. You can't go wrong when you choose our team, guaranteed.



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