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South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair offers services that our clients can count on. From leaky basements to crack repair, we have experience with it all. It doesn't matter if your foundation rests under a small single-family home or a large commercial property; our company has everything needed to get the project completed from start to finish.

We've been in business since 1997 and have picked up all the tips and tricks of the foundation repair trade. There truly isn't any type of concrete slab or pier & beam damage that we haven't seen.

It's important to hire a professional structural engineer at the first hint of a foundation problem so that the damages do not worsen and affect your home's other structures. We proudly offer FREE inspections and estimates to all of our customers. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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High-Quality Foundation Repair in South Bend

South Bend's Most Thorough Foundation Inspection Team

Before we ever apply any repairs to a foundation, our contractors conduct a scrupulous foundation inspection in South Bend of the area to determine the root cause of the damage. It's important that we fix the source of trouble to ensure long-lasting results. Every time we see a crack or leak in a foundation, we ask ourselves how the crack developed in the first place.

During an inspection, many factors are looked over and examined, including structural integrity, basements and crawl spaces, and the surrounding irrigation system. You can trust us when we say that not a stone will remain unturned.

Did you know that our company offers FREE foundation inspections in South Bend? We'll also give you a no-charge estimate once we determine the necessary repair plan. Get in touch with us today to get on our schedule.

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Do You Require Foundation Crack Repair in South Bend?

Foundation crack repair in South bend is one of the most common projects that we work on. Our services are available to bother residential and commercial customers. So, how do you know if a crack requires professional repair? Check it out:

  • The foundation rack is harboring moisture and/or odors in the basement
  • When a crack is more than a hairline fissure and measuring 1/8 of an inch in width or more
  • The crack continues to grow over time
  • You notice the crack presenting in a diagonal pattern
  • There are cracks on either corner of your foundation

The only way to truly know if your foundation cracks pose a threat is by having a professional structural engineer evaluate them. If we determine that the cracks are a problem, we'll repair them using polyurethane injection, filling the area in, and sealing it up. Do you have foundation cracks that have you worried? Contact us today for an inspection.

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Is Your Home Feeling a Little Shifty? South Bend House Leveling Could be the Answer!

Essentially, sunken foundations occur when the settling of soil occurs and the weight of your house shifts onto its underpinnings. This issue often creates minor problems that eventually turn into major damages if not addressed promptly. Here are some signs and symptoms that your foundation is sinking:

  • Cracked, buckling, or heaving floors
  • Windows or doors becoming misaligned and jammed
  • Cracks forming in basement walls
  • Chimney begins to lean
  • Cracking is wider at the top is a telltale sign the foundation is shifting

Another sign of a sinking foundation is items in your home sliding across the floor or off tables without any intervention on your part. The solution to a sinking foundation is simple: house leveling or slab jacking. Our company has the heavy-duty machinery to make it happen! Soon, you'll be standing on level ground once again.

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Professional South Bend Basement Foundation Repair

When we're called out to perform basement foundation repair in South Bend, we often see flooding. Flooding is a byproduct of cracks that have turned into leaks via the basement floor and walls. We offer foolproof solutions that are designed to waterproof your basement and prevent a recurrence from happening. Here are some of the most common sources of basement water damage:

  • Cracks in basement walls/foundation
  • Malfunctioning basement drains
  • Leaky egress windows
  • Compromised sump pumps

Our contractors will make all needed repairs to ensure the source of the problem is eradicated. From there, we'll work on waterproofing your basement through a series of different methods that are appropriate for your basement's unique needs. If you visit our blog, you can learn about sump pump and French drain installation and how they can help keep your basement dry and damage-free.

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South Bend's BEST Concrete Foundation Repair Service

Great concrete foundation repair in South bend begins with a professional company that only employs experienced contractors. That's exactly what you can expect when hiring our team. We have the tools, equipment, and materials to ensure your foundation repairs are applied correctly. Our goal is to make your foundation functional for a lifetime.

Things like cracks, leaks, and shifting soil can wreak havoc on your concrete and require fixing as soon as possible. We use various treatments based on the damages we find, such as house leveling, crack patching, and waterproofing. Call us now for a FREE inspection and estimate.

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Intense Slab Foundation Repair in South Bend

When cracks, leaks in your basement, or shifting concrete terrorize your slab foundation, it's probably time for some South bend repair measures. The great news is that our crew of contractors and structural engineers specialize in all methods of foundation services like house leveling, polyurethane foam injection, and installing helical piers. So whatever your slabs need, we can make it happen. 

Before getting started on any repairs, our team will thoroughly inspect the area to discover any underlying soil erosion or poor irrigation problems.

From there, we'll create a detailed repair report. Then comes a FREE estimate!

*Slab jacking foundation services available, weather permitting.

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#1 South Bend Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Has your pier & beam foundation in South Bend taken a wrong turn, and you need repair options in South Bend? You've come to the right place. Our contractors and structural engineers have solutions for your foundation damages that are affordable, long-lasting, and reliable. First, we'll inspect your foundation and get to the bottom of the damages and how they manifested in the first place.

From there, we'll come up with a rock-solid repair plan that can quickly be executed. Our goal is to keep your home or commercial property sitting on solid ground, and we do it through time-tested repair methods.

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Fast & Affordable Residential Foundation Repair

Are you seeking home foundation repair services in South Bend, IN? If so, you've come to the right place! Our contractors and structural engineers are brimming with knowledge about concrete repair, replacement, and many other methods. Do you have a pier & beam foundation? We can address a number of issues associated with it, too. Using only top-rated materials and tools, you can plan on your foundation's cracks and leaks being fixed in no time flat. We excel at house leveling and making sure your foundation is strong and stable for the long haul. Call us today to get started.

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Superior Commercial Foundation Repair Services

Are you looking for reliable commercial foundation repair in the South Bend area? If so, you're in luck because our company specializes in that very thing. You see, industrial property foundation repair services are quite different than residential ones as they require different tools and equipment and much more extensive materials. However, our team is able to tackle any foundation issue, no matter how big or small. Plus, we'll do our very best not to disrupt your daily business while we work. So, to get started, we encourage you to call us right now to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate with our contractors.

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Exceptional Foundation Leak Repair Services in South Bend

Dealing with foundation leaks can be a significant headache for the homeowner in South Bend. The great news is our company offers affordable repair services. Leaks can spring in the basement or crawl space area, leaving them swampy, insect-infested, and worst of all, filled with mold. You may even notice that your landscape is looking a little waterlogged.

After a thorough inspection, our contractors will know the source of your leaks and complete foundation leak repair in South Bend. Would you like to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate appointment with our crew today? Simply give us a call right now!

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The foundation repair at our South Bend home was a massive project. We couldn't have asked for a better crew than the one from South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair. They worked quickly, made sure we were comfortable, and the price was reasonable. You need to call them when you have foundation problems!
- C. Allen

Our South Bend Foundation Repair Service Areas

Are you seeking affordable foundation repair services and reside in or around the South Bend service areas of Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka, Granger, and Nappanee? We're the company for the job! There isn't a crack or leak that's too complex for our contractors to tackle. All of our foundation repair services are available to commercial and residential customers.

Fixing Foundations is Our Passion.

South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair is an experienced company dedicated to making all foundations safe, strong, and stable. Get a FREE estimate! Call us at (574) 777-0207
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