High-Quality Waterproofing for South Bend Neighborhoods

Affordable Waterproofing for South Bend Foundations

Leaks don't belong in your basement & crawl space!

Foundation leaks can only be fixed by one thing: waterproofing in South Bend. Our team of foundation repair experts has a host of solutions for leak-proofing your basement and crawl space. We inspect the problem area to discover how the leaks began in the first place and then address the issue.

Many times, it is due to excessive underground water pressure that has caused cracking in your concrete. From there, we'll implement solutions that prevent reoccurrence. Our waterproofing prices are among the most competitive in the state. We offer FREE foundation inspections and estimates for your convenience.

We're not in the business of breaking your bank; just the crack and leak cycle. Are you ready to get started on drying up your foundation? Call us now.

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Impeccable Waterproofing Services in South Bend

Expert Basement Waterproofing for Your South Bend

It's every homeowner's nightmare to see a river in their basement. Flooding can occur because of many things, and it is our job to figure out how and why your basement is wet. Standing water and moisture can cause mold growth, wood rot, and invite vermin into your home.

Did you know that a wet basement can affect the air quality of the rest of your home? Our company offers effective basement waterproofing solutions in South Bend that not only correct the problem but prevent it from happening ever again. We'll inspect your basement and uncover the underlying issues, which usually involve repairing cracks with polyurethane injection.

Then, we'll put maintenance measures in place like dehumidifiers, sump pumps, or French drains. You'll have a complete understanding of what we're doing and why we're doing it during your FREE consultation and estimate.

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Comprehensive Crawl Space Waterproofing in South Bend

Your crawl space requires waterproofing just like your other South bend structures. This area of your home is normally used for storage purposes, but it becomes useless if it's flooded or covered in mold. Did you know that mold spores from the crawl space can travel to other areas of your home, causing health issues and breathing distress? We offer a few different options to keep your crawl space high and dry:

  • Encapsulation - This treatment completely covers the crawl space in polyethylene tarping, including the entrance, and seals off the area.
  • Vapor Barrier Installation - Many homeowners opt for this partial encapsulation treatment because it waterproofs the area without closing it off and leaves the area usable for storage.
  • Dehumidifiers - These devices keep moisture out of the crawl space.
  • Sump Pump Installation - Sump pumps remove standing water from the crawl space and keep it from returning.

If your crawl space has been wet, it may suggest an issue with your foundation. Please call our office today to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate with our loyal structural engineers for crawl space waterproofing.

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Is Your South Bend Landscape a Good Candidate for French Drain Installation?

If you have noticed water pooling in your yard and have experienced flooding in your basement or crawl space, you are probably a great candidate for French drain installation. Our contractors will tell you for sure after a complete analysis of your foundation and property. A French drain system is essentially a trench filled with gravel and perforated piping.

The drain diverts surface water that soaks into the ground away from your foundation. When excess water pushes up against the foundation, it places pressure on the concrete and causes it to crack, which is how leaks form. In addition to keeping your foundation strong and intact French drains stop your lawn from becoming muddy and soggy.

Sometimes, we use French drains in conjunction with foundation repair to stop soil from settling and shifting underneath the concrete. Would you like to know more about French drains? Visit our blog for a closer look!

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South Bend's Best Sump Pump Installation Team

Sump pump installation in South Bend is an effective solution for removing standing water from the basement and crawl space. Not only do sump pumps extract water quickly from foundation areas, but they keep the problem from reoccurring.

With a properly installed sump pump, you can feel confident that the next rainstorm won't leave your basement flooded. After our team evaluates your unique situation, we'll remove any standing water from your basement using a sump pump (or two).

We will then leave the device in place as a preventative measure. If there are any cracks in your foundation floor or walls, we will use polyurethane injection to fill them in, further stopping the crack and leak cycle. Has your basement been looking more like a lake lately? Call South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair today for professional waterproofing solutions.

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The foundation repair at our South Bend home was a massive project. We couldn't have asked for a better crew than the one from South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair. They worked quickly, made sure we were comfortable, and the price was reasonable. You need to call them when you have foundation problems!
- C. Allen

Check Out Our South Bend Waterproofing Service Areas

We're happy to announce that we've expanded our South Bend service areas! If you have a foundation waterproofing need and live in or around South Bend, Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka, Granger, Nappanee, call us today for a FREE estimate. Our contractors are available for 24/7 emergency appointments when you need us most!

Fixing Foundations is Our Passion.

South Bend Basement & Foundation Repair is an experienced company dedicated to making all foundations safe, strong, and stable. Get a FREE estimate! Call us at (574) 777-0207
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